Our Partners


Rockway is a Finnish online music school where you can learn about playing, singing and recording. Rockway offers a valuable benefit to all new Musahotelli clients.


Aurent rents cars for all transportation needs. Discount for Musahotelli clients.

Musta Härkä

Restaurant Musta Härkä can be found in the same building as Musahotelli. Delicious Indian lunch menu during daytime. 10% discount from food and drinks for Musahotelli clients.

Up & Down Beats

Up & Down Beats is Musahotelli's in-house drum school, led by Chris Schäfer. First lesson is always free.

Sauna Hermanni

Had a rough rehearsal session? Come to Sauna Hermanni to relax and have a sauna, you've earned it. Discount for Musahotelli clients.


Re-Retro specializes in tube amplifier and vintage radio repairs. Other custom works also available. Located in Lahti.

Dalgrang Studio

Dalgrang Studio is to thank for Musahotelli's new website. Solid expertise in building websites. Also available for audiovisual productions.

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